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Cavitation Lipo

Slimming Treatment

Impressive results that you can feel and see!

First Trial Only $58 (before GST) for 2 areas

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A Risk-Free Alternative To Liposuction

Sometimes putting in lots of hours at the gym and keeping an eye on your diet just doesn’t seem to cut it. It can feel so frustrating when you've put in all the hard work and still haven't got the exact body shape you were after. The good news is that there is help along the way that allows you to lose inches of fat off your body without surgery!

How Does Cavitation Lipo Slimming Treatment Work?

Lipo therapy is essentially a treatment that involves sound waves, which are forced into fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues and nerves. This is a professional fat-loss procedure using ultrasound cavitation technology to break apart the fat deposits in the body that never seem to disappear regardless of your lifestyle. The fat deposits are changed into glycerol and free fatty acids. Glycerol is then reused by the body while free fatty acids travel to the liver and are excreted by the body through normal physiological processes.

Body Fat Removal Without Surgery

The fat basically “melts”. Cavitation gives the same results as liposuction, but has the advantage of being a non-surgical treatment. The procedure does not require inserting any instrument under your skin to suck out unwanted fat. 







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Key Benefits of Cavitation Lipo Slimming Treatment

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Helps break down stubborn cellulite and body fat

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Reveals a shapely contour


Each session is relatively quick and easily tolerated


FDA Approved

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Does not damage normal skin

Promotes cellular turnover


No downtime

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Lose Fat Quickly Without Downtime!

Sign up to Redeem First Trial Promotion for only $58 before GST  for 2 areas

Terms and Conditions Apply

Cavitation Lipo Promotion

$58 before GST  for 2 areas

Lipo Form

What To Expect During The Procedure?

The therapist will apply gel to the region, which acts as a barrier between the machine and the skin, allowing the specifically designed hand piece to glide smoothly across the body.

The procedure heats and vibrates the fat cells underneath the skin’s surface. The hand piece will be used to massage the designated location.

The duration of the treatment depends on the size and the number of areas that are being treated. 


60 minutes

Step 2

Hot tummy mask

Step 1

Cavi Lipo treatment for 2 areas

Step 3

Body wrap and heat blanket

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  • How does Viora CORE technology work?
    Viora’s CORE™ Technology encourage collagen production by fibroblast stimulation and helps to reduce loose skin by treating the symptoms effectively and safely. CORE’s unique RF channeling ability allow treatments to be performed on facial areas including the forehead, jaw, and other boney areas, as well as the entire body including sensitive and hard to reach areas.
  • How soon will I see results?
    While each person is different, results for Viora’s eye treatments are visible after the first session.
  • Does the treatment hurt?
    Viora CORE Technology treatment is Non-invasive and there is no scarring involved too. Viora’s contact cooling system provides the most comfortable experiences possible.
  • Is any measure taken during phase 3?
    Yes. We take necessary safety measures like having our premises cleaned and disinfected several times a day. Health declaration forms have to be filled in every time our clients step into our outlets. All our staff do weekly COVID-19 Antigen Self-tests to ensure safety.
  • Do I need to be fully vaccinated to have the treatment at Beaute Hub?
    Yes. A person is considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after the second dose. Gentle reminder to present the vaccine proof.



Beaute Hub is an award-winning spa and skincare specialist in Singapore dedicated to customers' beauty needs and well-being enhancement. Our chain of beauty centers offers a very wide and diverse range of services including body contouring and slimming, skincare, and spa for total relaxation.

At Beaute Hub, we only use premium equipment with state-of-the-art technology and products with carefully curated ingredients and formulation for specific needs. 

BEAUTE HUB has been a Wellness & Beauty Partner of MISS UNIVERSE SINGAPORE 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022

BEAUTE HUB,屡获殊荣的美容品牌

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Customer Testimonials



“自从他们在 Eastpoint 以来,多年来一直在 Tampines Beaute Hub 工作。喜欢他们的服务,我的治疗师 Janice 非常棒,并且知道该怎么做。继续努力!!”







正面:质量、清洁度、  专业精神

“已经来这里 10 多年了。服务和质量都非常出色。经理和美容师总是能够在每个关键时刻向我推荐适合我皮肤的最新治疗方法。我的皮肤从“



正面:质量、清洁度、  专业精神

“整体质量很好。美容师友好而专业。环境干净有利于。尽管发生了 Covid-19,但工作人员仍采取措施确保每个人的安全。”


  • Valid for those aged 25 and above, new customers.

  • The stated first trial treatment price is before GST.

  • This promotion acknowledgment has to be presented upon treatment.

  • This promotion is non-transferable, not exchangeable for cash or any other treatments, rituals, packages, or products.

  • This promotion is not to be used with other promotions.

  • Reservations are necessary and appointments are subjected to availability.

  • Please inform Beaute Hub at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

  • This promotion scheduled appointment will be voided in the event of a last-minute cancellation, rescheduling, or missed appointment.

  • Beaute Hub reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

  • This promotion is valid for 2 months from the date of submission.

  • Customers are limited to a single redemption of the first trial offer at any beauty salon within the Beaute Hub Group of Companies.

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电话:6735 6883

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电话: 6260 0005

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电话:6554 9559

A: 301 Upper Thomson Road, #02-03 Thomson Plaza, S(574408)

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