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a refreshing and comfortable gel essence formula. The unique micro-molecular condensation texture perfectly seals the rose hydrosol that offers a repair effect. This is the first step to youthful skin. Skin will look vibrant, radiant, and it also helps to absorb subsequent care products. 


Specially added ingredients to this spray are Gold, Trace Element, Hydrolyzed Roe and Pearl Extract. Also, Honey Extract penetrates through the basal layer, to fill the gap between the corneum, to initiate skin energy, and inject new active ingredients deep into the basal layer. Meanwhile, it activates the skin cell purification system in order to clear toxic substances in cells brought by the stress from living and the environment. Skin will be renewed and refreshed for the day.

Rose Gold Gel Spray


1. After cleansing, hold the bottle approximately 8 inches away from your face.

2. Spray on as toner before applying serum and moisturizer, or at any time skin feels dehydrated.

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