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SCA(Secretion of Cryptomphalus Aspers) 8%-Soft lotion that regenerates and revitalizes the eye and lip contour area by decongesting bags and reducing dark circles and fine lines. Formulated with SCA® Growth Factor Technology that combines ingredients with regenerative and reparative action, reinforced with soothing and hydrating components to relax and decongest the eye and lip contour area. It absorbs quickly and give skin a silky, soft touch.


  • SCA induces fibroblast proliferation
  • SCA repairs damaged morphology and improves the functionality of photo-aged fibroblasts
  • SCA promotes renewal and assembly of Extracellular Matrix (ECM). With the treatment of SCA, the fibroblast is visibly more organised in pattern and fusiform shape.
  • SCA stimulates fibro-nectin secretion and assembly. SCA induced fibro-nectin assembly compared to control cells.



  • SCA promotes wound healing through the reduction of downtime and discomfort 
  • SCA mechanisms on wound healing



  • SCA is a strong inhibitor of free radicals.


15ml |  Suitable for all skin types.

Made in Spain

Cellovski SCA Eye & Lip Lotion SCA 8% (Secretion of Cryptomphalus Aspers)


Apply morning and evening around eyes and lips after cleansing, massaging with a gentle, upwards motion.

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