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60 minutes

Patented Vacuum Radio Frequency Technology

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Double Chin Reduction

First trial at $58 (U.P. $148)
Erase, Enhance, Empower: Your Journey to a Defined Chin!

What is Patented Vacuum Radio Frequency Technology?

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Patented Vacuum Radio Frequency Technology targets specific layers of the skin to precisely heat the underlying network of collagen and elastin fiber and increasing the metabolic rate of subcutaneous tissue.

The 4th multi-channel mode enables the heating of all skin layers simultaneously.

Restores the skin’s flexibility

Thickens the dermis

Firmer and more elastic skin

Effectiveness of Double Chin Reduction with Patented Vacuum Radio Frequency

Experience our Double Chin Reduction featuring Patented Vacuum Radio Frequency Technology. Harnessing the potential of vacuum therapy, this innovation amplifies the reach of RF energy within the treatment zone. It effectively combats the visible impacts of aging and gravitational forces on the skin, particularly in the lower jowl region. By employing controlled heat energy, it precisely targets and eliminates fat cells, culminating in a refined, sculpted appearance for your chin.

Why Double Chin?

A double chin, a prevalent occurrence, emerges when an additional fat layer gathers beneath the chin. Among the primary catalysts for this condition is weight increase or obesity. With weight gain, fat can amass across different body regions, including the chin vicinity. Nevertheless, individuals within a healthy weight range might also experience a double chin, attributed to genetics or the passage of time. As age advances, chin-area skin and muscles may experience a decline in elasticity, prompting skin sagging and the emergence of a double chin's visual aspect.

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Reclaim Your Grace: The Science of Double Chin Transformation


How does Double Chin Reduction Work?

Non-invasive and highly efficient, Double Chin Reduction significantly diminishes the appearance of a double chin. This procedure is pain-free and entails zero recovery time, making it a preferred option for individuals in search of a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.


Moreover, Double Chin Reduction, employing the innovative Patented Vacuum Radio Frequency Technology, not only targets fat reduction but also spurs collagen production, resulting in tightened and rejuvenated skin for a more youthful visage. Collectively, Double Chin Reduction presents a secure and impactful resolution for addressing double chin concerns, entirely sidestepping the potential risks and recovery periods inherent to surgical methods.

Proven with Visible Results

Safe and Effective

Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical

For all skin types

Proven and Visible Result of Double Chin Reduction


Find out about 60 minutes Double Chin Reduction!


Consult with a qualified and experienced therapist for your Patented Vacuum Radio Frequency Double Chin Reduction


Before the treatment, the skin in the chin area is cleaned and prepped

Patented Vacuum Radio Frequency

Uses a Patented Vacuum Radio Frequency device on the chin area with total of 4 modes


Apply Beaute Hub's high quality mask on your face.

Unmask Your Confidence: Where Double Chins Disappear

Patented Vacuum Radio Frequency Technology

Double Chin Reduction

First trial at $58 (U.P. $148)
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Terms & Conditions
  • Valid for aged 25 and above, and new customers.

  • The stated first trial treatment price is before GST.

  • This promotion acknowledgment has to be presented upon treatment.

  • This promotion is non-transferable, not exchangeable for cash or any other treatments, rituals, packages, or products.

  • This promotion is not to be used with other promotions.

  • Reservations are necessary and appointments are subjected to availability.

  • Please inform Beaute Hub at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

  • This promotion scheduled appointment will be voided in the event of a last-minute cancellation, rescheduling, or missed appointment.

  • Beaute Hub reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

  • This promotion is valid for 2 months from the date of submission.

  • Customers are limited to a single redemption of the first trial offer at any beauty salon within the Beaute Hub Group of Companies.


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The Science of Double Chin Transformation
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