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Black Vine Peel Treatment

Black Peel sloughs off the unhealthy layers of skin. Speeds cell renewal & prevents acne. Unclog the follicles.

Cellovski Needle-free Magnetic Infusion Neodermyl Treatment

Bringing You World’s First and Only Capsuled Skin Treatment - Magnetic Infusion Technology, FDA approved Magnetic infusion Technology (MIT) based device with patented capsules

Core Technology Face Treatment

Core Technology Treatment takes years off your features by tightening skin, painlessly and quickly.

Mesotox + Meso Therapy Treatment

Mesotox solution is highly combination of peptides that inhibit wrinkles caused by muscle contract.

Needleless Electroporation Mesogun Rejuran Treatment

(Icon Spa Award 2022 - Best Medi Spa Rejuvenating)

The first cocktail mesotherapy solutions. Two formulations with dual action.

Purest Exosomes

Helps strengthen and instantly replenish the skin barrier

Neogen Plasma Hydrogen Peel

Gently removes dead skin, sebum, and blackhead with any skin irritation.

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