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Ultimate Repair Bio Cellulose Mask (5pcs)



The Science Behind Therapeutic Cellulose Mask Bio-cellulose masks were originally manufactured solely for medical applications to treat burns and chronic wounds as bio-cellulose is actually an all natural material,produced through cultured bacteria. The material adheres to the skin tightly, for optimal coverage, And the absorption properties have been proven to deliver key ingredients into the skin. 



  • Bio- Cellulose is hydrophilic can retain moisture levels up to 100x it’s own dry weight. 
  • The Bio-Cellulose Anti-ageing Mask cooperated with comprehensive formulation, delivers a powerful and faster anti-ageing program that keeps collagen and elastin in balance and proportion and stimulates cells growth and collagen synthesis while infusing skin with rich nutrition, minerals and vitamins.
  • The skin reveals visible firmness, smoothness and radiance, presenting a youthful and healthy looking skin.


This item does not come with Complimentary Handheld RF Photon Cosmetology

Ultimate Repair Bio Cellulose Mask


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