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This product absolutely contains moisturizing texture whereby, rose stem cell factor is added to the serum. The rose active cells are extracted from each rose through exclusive technology of “low-temperature plant stem cell gene transfers”. When applied to skin, it allows skin to maintain its youth, offering infinite charisma. It also effectively strengthens and initiates skin’s self-regenerative function, thereby regenerating from the base of the skin to restore the glowing young radiance.

The highly effective nourishing and repairing formula is enriched in Hexapeptide and Idebenone, capable of revitalizing skin while also providing skin with firming effect, allowing you to have soft and white skin envied by all.


  • Swiss
  • All Skin Types  

Rose Gravity- Defying Essence, 30ml


Use an adequate amount of the serum and apply evenly onto the skin till it
is completely absorbed, and follows with your daily skincare products.

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