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This product is recommended to the people who is having sensitive skin and irritation from acne, sunburn and wounds.


Getting procedures, such as laser, mesotherapy, etc. Applying duration: from right after the procedure to 1 or 2 weeks recommended.


Needing to tighten pores. Regeneration and Recovery Complex Serum tightens pores immediately, lowering the skin temperature and regenerating the skin itself.


  • No Irritation, Color, Scent, Allergen!
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • It can be applied immediately after various procedures, such as laser, mesotherapy, etc.
  • Significantly effective in soothing as lowering skin temperature and regeneration from numerous growth factors.
  • It relieves sunburn and skin irritation from masks and is also effective in bruise improvement.
  • It can be used in lieu of serums or essences.

Regeneration & Recovery Complex Serum | 30 ml


Apply Regeneration & Recovery Complex Serum to the face

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