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This product is recommended to the people who are having dry and sensitive skin that needs instant calming and moisturizing.Procedure post-care. Applying it 2 weeks later after getting the procedure is recommended.


Looking for a night cream that has functions for forming a skin barrier for protecting the skin from harmful matters. It also regenerates the skin by maintaining the active ingredients of Regeneration and Recovery Complex Gel in the skin layer longer.


  • The effects of instant calming, regeneration, and moisturizing can be achieved simultaneously.
  • Forming a hydrocolloid membrane, it makes an environment for regeneration by generating a skin barrier.
  • The skin barriers prevents the skin from harmful matters externally and losing moisture internally.
  • Forming skin barrier even helps the active ingredients in Regeneration and Recovery Complex Gel stay longer without disappearing rapidly.
  • Liposomal technology enables the active ingredients to absorb deep into the skin.

Regeneration & Recovery Complex Gel | 50 ml

  1. Wash your face with cleansing foam.
  2. After applying skin toner or essence , apply regeneration & recovery gel to your face.
  3. Spread and massage the area.
  4. Tap for your skin to absorb the remaining.
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