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    If you’re worried about hair that is:

    • Short
    • Weak
    • Wispy
    • Thinning


    Actual effects are felt from “human-type stem cells” and 4 human-type growth factors. Total support for eyelashes using human-type stem cells and 4 other growth factors as ingredients.



    Provides a fibroblast growth factor essential for hair growth, increasing the number of eyelashes.



    Produces keratin, thickening eyelashes.



    This stem cell growth factor is created to have the same genetic structure as humans. Revitalizes hair and melanin to thicken and increase the number of eyelashes.



    Revitalizes hair follicle stem cells and strengthens eyelashes.



    Revitalizes cells to lengthen eyelashes.


    To protect your eyes, Stem Lash Serum does not use these 6 ingredient types.

    • No animal-derived ingredients
    • No artificial colors
    • No mineral oils
    • No silicones
    • No fragrances
    • No paraben


    What are stem cells?

    Stem cells are basic cells. They can produce a variety of different cells through cell division and growth, including skin, hair and organs. The phenomenon by which old skin and hair is replaced with new skin and hair (turnover) is one that occurs when stem cells divide and grow. If turnover cannot take place unhindered, aging in the form of wrinkles, blemishes and so on, can occur. That’s why stem cells have received so much attention in the areas of regenerative medicine and regenerative beauty care.


    What are stem cell growth factors?

    The substances that give the commands for stem cells, whose function is to cause regeneration, to divide and grow are called “Stem Cell Growth Factors”. Without commands from stem cell growth factors, stem cells cannot activate. In other words, they work in partnership with stem cells.


    What are human-type stem cells?

    The stem cells that are most generally available come from plants or human beings. Because plant-derived stem cells have a completely different cell structure, their effects are not noticeable. Human-derived stem cells are components taken from actual people, but in order to refine them during extraction, the stem cells and stem cell growth factors are removed, so the regenerative effects of the stem cells are not noticeable. Thus, human-type stem cell growth factors (human-type stem cells) were developed. These substances are the result of synthesising stem cell growth factors with the same genetic structure as human using biotechnology. These human-type stem cells act on your own stem cells. In addition to regenerating cells, they are also known to reactivate the melanin cells that thicken hair, and we took advantage of that property to develop an eyelash beauty serum. They produce beautiful eyelashes that are long, thick, full and healthy from the root up. Because they have the same genetic structure as humans, they are safe to use around the eyes.

    Eyelash Growth Factor Serum (from Japan)


    We recommend using Stem Lash Serum twice a day, in the morning and evening. Please use it after washing your face and before using other skin care products.

    • Apply generous amounts to the upper and lower eyelash hairlines.
    • Thoroughly coat all eyelashes, going in the direction of root to tip.
    • Using the tip of the applicator, thoroughly coat the lower eyelashes as well, right up to the corner of your eyes.

    You can use it on your eyebrow, too.

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