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Swiss All Skin Types  

It has a particular coating formula that coats and draws out all the gunk out of your pores, keeps the skin feeling really clean, fresh and blemish-free. Natural enzymes help to accelerate the metabolism of dead skin cells gently and restore a soft and brightening skin. DNA contained in the product, helps to increase skin’s self-defense ability and diminish wrinkle and sagging skin after cleansing.

Cellovski 2-In-1 Lipo Eraser Cleansing Gel 100 ml


1. Turn to "ON" position at the tube head of cleansing gel.

2. Squeeze required amount of cleansing gel.

3. Then turn "OFF" its position.

4. Press switch the "START" button to micro vibrate massage.

5. Rinse face thoroughly with water.

6. Brush applicator to rinse off with water after every use.

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