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Rejuran Treatment in Singapore: What You Need To Know

Your skin is so much more than just your body’s protective surface from the outside world. And if you take your skin for granted, your skin will lose its youthfulness earlier than expected. Aside from the natural process of ageing, there are numerous factors that affect skin ageing such as your environment and lifestyle. Too much exposure to the sun, pollution, smoking and drinking alcohol and even being under emotional stress can contribute a lot to how your skin changes over time.

At a certain age, you will probably start to notice visible fine lines on your face or your skin becomes less plump and drier than it once was.

rejuran treatment for women with signs of wrinkles

Knowing how to properly care for your skin is essential for women and men alike at any age. Good thing, more and more people are now becoming aware of taking care of their skin using skincare products or undergoing procedures to improve how their skin looks and feels.

Today, there are many available treatments that can help restore your skin’s vitality and fight the effects of skin ageing. One of the most popular skin treatments is the Rejuran Treatment. Before you get too excited to book an appointment to see your beauty therapist, we will first discuss the things you should know about Rejuran Treatment.

What is the Rejuran Treatment?

Rejuran Treatment is an anti-ageing procedure that can rejuvenate and restore young and healthy-looking skin. It is manufactured and popularised in Korea and is now a rising beauty and skincare treatment trend in other Asian countries like Singapore and the Pacific region.

rejuran skin booster treatment in singapore

Rejuran is the first cocktail mesotherapy solution that can strengthen and brighten your skin while fighting the effects of premature skin ageing and reducing skin damage from free radicals generated by UV from sun exposure. This treatment helps by stimulating natural elastin and collagen production that restores elasticity and tightens your skin. It can also brighten and even out your skin tone and aid in skin resurfacing.

What is Rejuran made of?

The Rejuran is composed of 6 active ingredients. Its main component is purified Polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN) which is derived from salmon sperm cells. The salmon DNA is very similar to human DNA which makes it highly compatible and safe for human use. This helps in rejuvenating the skin and increasing tissue regeneration by inducing fibroblasts that produce elastin and collagen.

It also contains the following ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration, Glutathione for skin brightening and restoration, Ascorbic Acid for an even skin tone, Tranexamic Acid to stop or reduce pigmentation and Panthenol to soothe the skin.

How is Rejuran applied to the skin?

The most effective way to deliver Rejuran to the skin is by injecting it directly into the dermis layer of the skin.

For those who are a bit hesitant about the injection method, there is now a clinically proven needleless procedure! Electroporation is an advanced technology that allows Rejuran to be absorbed by the skin without the need for needles. An innovative device is used to produce electrical pulses similar to gentle pokes on the skin without the pain and skin bumps.

The needleless Rejuran treatment is an effective process with no pain and no downtime and gives patients a calming, comfortable and relaxing experience.

Where can I get needleless Rejuran treatment?

BeauteHub offers needleless Rejuran in Singapore. We combine Rejuran with a needleless Electroporation Mesogun which is a 100% painless, non-invasive procedure with zero downtime. This new technology is a safe and effective way to increase your skin’s ability to absorb the Rejuran’s active ingredients without having the need for painful needles!

If you’re looking for an effective and pain-free Rejuran treatment, now is the best time to try it. BeauteHub has a First Trial promotion and you can try the needleless Rejuran for only $128. Redeem our Special Promotion for Needleless Electroporation Mesogun REJURAN Treatment.

Is there downtime after getting needleless Rejuran treatment?

The needleless Rejuran requires no downtime and patients are able to immediately and normally go back to their daily routine.

Who can get the needleless Rejuran treatment?

The Rejuran treatment is suitable for both men and women looking to give their skin a healthy boost. This treatment is recommended for patients who have sun-damaged skin, dry to extremely dry skin, ageing or sagging skin or those who frequently experience skin problems like acne or acne scars.

It is best to consult us about your treatment history and get a proper skin evaluation before getting Rejuran treatments.

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