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Maskne Treatment in Singapore: Begin Your Skin Transformation Now

Yes, it's a real thing. Maskne is a new term that has emerged from the pandemic.

Acne mechanic is the medical word for "maskne," a skin disease caused by continuous use of face personal protection equipment (PPE).

What causes mask acne?

Acne is usually caused by the clogging of hair follicles with dead skin cells, oil, dirt or bacteria from the skin. Frequent wearing of masks can worsen these skin issues that already exist or cause new ones. Sebum, saliva, sweat and other dirt are trapped against your skin by masks which means bacteria can then penetrate and clog pores. Face masks continually brushing against your skin also creates friction that may lead to skin irritation.

While wearing a mask can save lives and has become paramount in today’s world, it can also can cause skin irritations on our skin.

But don't worry, maskne is completely curable, and if you are ready to take the necessary steps, you may regain your clear skin.

Here are some tips to get your maskne under control and keep your skin clear:

Wash your face regularly

First and foremost: Maintain your morning and nightly skin-care regimens, and cleanse your face before and after wearing a mask. When the skin is free of excess oil and germs, the chances of developing acne are minimised. Choose facial cleansers that are gentle enough to use daily (morning and night), yet still effective at treating and preventing breakouts. Apply a moisturizer after washing your face to keep your skin moisturized. Use a noncomedogenic product to avoid clogging your pores. Also, if you don't have to be in public, stay home and let your skin breathe.

Wash your cloth masks regularly

A dirty mask will only cause problems more quickly. It is recommended to wash cloth masks after each use. Look for detergents that don't have any additional colors or scents, which might irritate your skin. If possible, go for masks that are dye-free and have antimicrobial properties.

Go for Maskne treatment that really works!

If your skin still doesn't clear up after trying everything, you should consult Beaute Hub for a thorough skin treatment programme. Beaute Hub is proud to introduce a 2-in-1 Maskne Treatment to combat and prevent future breakouts. It is comprised of two powerful treatments: Miracle Heal Acne Repair and Korean Spectra IDPL Maskne Treatment.

You might be able to say goodbye to acne forever as this Miracle Heal Repair System contains a patented formula that is designed to purify the skin, reduce excess oil production and effectively treat even the most severe acne problem. Our clients enjoy results that are instantly noticeable and improve over time.

Make an appointment to come in if you're interested in learning more about our 2-in-1 Maskne treatment and what we can do to keep your skin looking its best.

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