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Patented CORE Technology Treatment for Non-Invasive Facial Skin Tightening

Beauty may not only be skin-deep, as our appearance has a huge impact on our self-image and how we feel about ourselves.

There are many factors that affect our appearance, such as our genetic makeup, the food we eat, physical activity, and skin care regimen. Another is ageing. As we grow older, our cells begin to deteriorate. This results in a gradual decrease in the functioning of our various organs. The effect of ageing is most noticeable on the skin, particularly on our face. The years can strip away our youthful glow and the healthy plumpness of our cheeks, leaving behind sagging skin, wrinkles, frown lines, eye bags, and the general appearance of someone who has surrendered their youth to time.

But this need not be the case.

Technology in the cosmetic industry has advanced considerably in recent years. Now, we can rejuvenate our skin and restore it to its youthful glory through accessible and safe methods such as non-invasive skin tightening procedures.

CORE Technology Treatment at Beaute Hub

Beaute Hub prides itself in being the only beauty salon in the country that utilizes Channeled Optimized RF Energy or CORE Technology to help clients achieve their skin goals. CORE Technology makes use of varying radio frequencies (RF) to channel thermal energy into the skin. It is a revolutionary method that’s effective, fast, and pain-free.

Understanding Our Skin

Before we go into a discussion of what makes CORE Technology an effective solution to various skin problems, it’s important to understand the composition of our skin. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, covering a surface area of around 2 square meters. It performs numerous functions, including protecting the body against harmful organisms, regulating temperature, and enabling the sensation of touch.

It’s composed of 3 layers:

1. Epidermis

The top layer of the skin that consists of keratin and other proteins. It serves as the body’s protective barrier and is responsible for producing new skin cells. It also provides our skin color by virtue of it containing the pigment melanin.

2. Dermis

The thickest layer of the skin, this is found between the epidermis and

hypodermis. It contains elastin and collagen, two proteins that play a significant role in the health and appearance of the skin. Elastin maintains the skin’s flexibility while collagen helps in keeping the skin cells resilient and strong. The dermis also contains the following:

  • nerves that make tactile sensation possible

  • roots of the hair found on the skin

  • oil glands that prevent water excessive water absorption and maintain the smoothness and softness of the skin

  • blood vessels that supply much-needed nutrients to the epidermis

3. Hypodermis

The bottom and deepest layer of the skin, also called the fatty layer or subcutaneous tissue, is composed mainly of connective tissue and fat cells. The hypodermis serves as the body’s shock absorber, preventing injury, and temperature regulator because of the fat it contains. It also connects the skin to the bones and muscles.

CORE Technology treatment is effective in addressing skin issues because of its targeted approach. It can target all three layers or focus on a specific area of the skin depending on the client’s needs. What this means is you don’t have to undergo long and sometimes invasive procedures to restore the youthful appearance of your face.

Achieve smoother, tauter, and more youthful-looking skin without any pain

How Does CORE Technology Work?

This patented technology from Viora, a leader among aesthetic solutions providers, is encapsulated in a handheld device that features 3 radio frequency channels, a multi-channel, and vacuum therapy to direct thermal energy and allow it to penetrate the skin at various depths, promoting rejuvenation and addressing problems such as sagging skin. Each of these frequency channels - 2.4 MHz, 1.7 MHZ, and 0.8 MHz - targets a specific layer, with the lowest frequency capable of penetrating the hypodermis. The multi-channel mode travels through all the layers simultaneously, effectively treating all three skin layers in the specified area.

This targeted approach results in the following:

  • more accurate treatment

  • optimized results

  • faster treatment time

Using CORE Technology also has the added benefit of ensuring the safety and comfort of the client.

Key Benefits of CORE Technology

There are many benefits to using CORE Technology to take care of your skin. Aside from its numerous positive effects, it also has the following advantages:

Proven technology to rejuvenate the skin

Clinical studies have been made to ensure the safety and effectiveness of CORE Technology in various procedures that target the skin. These tests validate the claims of this revolutionary method. The studies confirm that CORE Technology does provide absolute control over the thermal or heat energy that it uses to break down cross-links in collagen and restore skin elasticity. More specifically, trained practitioners of this technology can do the following:

  • adjust the amount of thermal energy to use on the treatment area for optimal results

  • control penetration depth by choosing the right frequency

  • target specific areas that need the most attention

Non-invasive solution to skin problems

Invasive treatments are defined as procedures wherein one or more of the tools used enter the body or, at the very least, cut or puncture the skin. CORE Technology treatment is non-invasive because although heat energy penetrates the various layers of the skin, it doesn’t actually result in breakage. Simply put, there are no wounds, and no equipment enters any of the body’s cavities.

Shorter treatment sessions and quick results

Because Beaute Hub’s skin tightening treatment uses a targeted approach, each session only lasts for around 20 minutes. And its vacuum therapy enables deeper penetration of RF energy and improves blood flow, ensuring faster treatment. This means there’s no need to plan around the procedure because you can simply book an appointment during your free time. And since it’s pain-free, you don’t need time to rest and heal.

More importantly, you can see the results even after just 1 session. This is because CORE Technology stimulates neocollagenesis or the formation of new collagen every time it’s used, resulting in the immediate tightening and smoothening of the treatment area. The superheating of the hypodermis using the multi-channel feature also builds collagen, which results in skin tightening without the need for other forms of treatment such as the application of topical creams or invasive surgery.

A Results-Driven Treatment: Be Our Next Success Story

If you are interested to learn more about our non-surgical facial skin tightening treatment using CORE Technology or any of our treatments, send us a consultation via our Online Consultation Form. You can also take advantage of our ongoing promotion and enjoy this treatment for only $58 (worth $398) by booking an appointment here. Terms and conditions apply.

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