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Cellovski SCA Biorepair Cream by Beaute Hub

We all want to hold unto our youth, but unfortunately, ageing seems to surprise us early on. Fine lines and wrinkles might start to appear on your face, which might cause some frustration or alarm. In fact, experts have found that skin ageing begins in as early as age 25.

That’s because, by your mid-20s, your bodies start to gradually stop producing collagen, which makes the skin lose its elasticity. While you may not be able to turn back the clock, you can invest in products that can slow down the ageing process and give you that youthful glow once again.

After all, wouldn’t it be nice to age gracefully?

One such product that can do this for you is Beaute Hub’s Cellovski SCA Biorepair Cream. It’s the holy grail of anti-ageing and it utilizes a secretion by the Cryptomphalus aspersa, otherwise known as the Garden Snail to combat the early signs of ageing!

What is SCA and how does it work?

SCA was discovered by Dr. Rafael Abad, who was treating several patients, with severe burns while undergoing radiation therapy treatment. After conducting several studies and with gentle observation, he discovered that the secretion of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail promoted rapid regeneration in the skin of his patients.

You can say that this is SCA’s magic bullet: the ability to not just prevent ageing but to heal the skin as well. In fact, scientists also discovered that SCA has the ability to heal the skin from lesions in less than 48 hours.

Perhaps this was the reason it was used to treat patients who were victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the 80s. SCA was a breakthrough; managing to speed up the recovery of the victims with its use.

Not long after in the mid-1990s, SCA was patented by Cantabria Labs, promoting several studies which supported the use and benefits of SCA on the skin.


It’s no secret that SCA has a lot of benefits, ranging from anti-ageing properties to the healing of the skin. Unlike other snail species, C.Aspersa is the most potent one, with its secretion produced for protection and healing; unlike other common snail species which secrete mucin mainly for movement.

SCA is composed of several key properties which makes it a miracle in the skincare world. These are namely: Growth Factors, Hyaluronic Acid, and Antioxidants.

Growth Factors are proteins your skin naturally produces. Its goal is to protect your skin from harsh elements like UV rays from the sun, and other external aggressors which may damage your skin. Over time, however, as you age, Growth Factors start to experience a decline in the skin, which causes the early signs of ageing.

Hyaluronic Acid is another component that’s naturally found in the body, and despite being an acid, it’s actually a gem in the skincare world because it replenishes skin and promotes hydration. Moreover, Hyaluronic Acid also promotes cellular turnover, which affects how your skin heals.

Antioxidants exist to protect the body from harmful elements like UV Rays or free radicals. As such, antioxidants help prevent the early signs of ageing, and also moisturise and brighten our skin.

All these wonderful and beneficial components are key ingredients of SCA, thus promoting protection and healing of the skin.

As such, the Cellovski SCA Biorepair Cream offers the following benefits:

1. SCA 6% Wound Healing Benefits

Got cuts and other small injuries on your face like minor irritations? Say no more because the SCA Biorepair cream can soothe your skin and promote rapid healing in no time!

2. Provides Ultra Hydration

As mentioned, the key ingredients of SCA (especially Hyaluronic Acid), replenish and hydrate the skin.

3. Excellent anti-ageing benefits & minimizes pores

These three killer key ingredients plus Tensdern work by reducing the depth of wrinkles

and returning the skin to its firmness while providing luminosity.

Why Cellovski SCA Biorepair Cream?

Cellovski SCA Biorepair Cream is a quality product by Beaute Hub, a prestigious, award-winning skincare specialist in Singapore! We have been featured in publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Asia One, The New Paper, and The Business Times. Beaute Hub is also known as a Wellness & Beauty Partner for Miss Universe Singapore. It’s no secret that our brand provides top-notch services and products, with the Cellovski SCA Biorepair Cream being only one of them.

When it comes to skincare, we should only trust the best.

Visit our online shop to get your hands on this revolutionary product!

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