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OPT Hair Removal

OPT adopts the “Selectively Thermal Absorption of Laser” principle. When the specific wavelength light penetrates the skin epidermis to reach the root of hair follicle, the melanin of hair shaft and hair follicle under the state of Anagen, absorbs optical light and produces heat energy to reach the whole hair follicle volume.


After the hair follicle stem cells and target goals are thermal damaged, the hair under the state of Anagen will fall off automatically. At the same time, the hair matrix which provides melanin for the hair shaft will produce photo-thermic effect with the hair papilla which provides nutrition, to restrain the melanin and nutrition provision. Therefore, the regeneration capacity of hair will be decreased.


The super refrigeration system for skin cold anesthesia can protect the normal tissues without any damage. Thus, the treatment process is safe and comfortable. After the treatment, the hair individually becomes smaller, the color becomes shallow and the quantity will be reduced. It can achieve real healthy, permanent hair removal in medicine.

This treatment is suitable for both men & women

OPT adopts the "Selectively Thermal Absorption of Laser" principle.

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