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Micro Tox Renewal System Face Treatment

Micron size Silitox needles generate not only the dermabrasion effect but only the perfect regeneration effect by penetrating plenty of mineral ingredients into deep skin layers.

This treatment is for:

  • Combating Acne & Scars

  • Minimizing Pores

  • Smoothening Wrinkles

  • Improving Skin Complexion

The Biosilic needle in 250 microns penetrates into keratinocytes and generates inflammation to remove skin troubles (blemishes, fine wrinkles, blackheads, etc) physically so that it can rejuvenate the epidermis naturally.

  • It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin as it has no allergic effects and is less painful.

  • It is suitable for acne (acne scars), enlarged pores, overactive sebum skin, and aging skin and has a whitening effect.

  • It allows the skin to breathe as it removes the dead cells on the epidermis. Hence, it activates the metabolism of the epidermis to generate young and healthy skin cells.

Before & After with Micro Tox Renewal System Face Treatment (Tested with Proven Result)


This treatment is suitable for both men & women

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