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Meso Air Jet Treatment + Low Molecular HA

Based on the well-established science of electroporation, Infusion TM's proprietary Ion Wave technology maximizes cell permeability and the absorption of active ingredients by the cell. Precisely crafted electrical currents induce protein movement in the cell membrane that results in the opening of micro water channels, allowing topical to bypass the stratum carenum layer without puncturing the skin.  Working with the skin's biological processes, by electrically stimulating these openings, the Ion wave technology allows for the safe passage of natural healing substances directly into the cell.

Electroporation, Mesotherapy without needle, no pain therapy, no damage to skin, direct result after one session of treatment.

This treatment is suitable for both men & women

Meso Air Jet Treatment + Low Molecular HA: Mesotherapy with no needle, no pain, no damage to skin.

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