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MAGNEAT (from Japan)

MAGNEAT: Electromagnetic Pulse Slimming Training Machine

Equivalent to 10,000 sit-ups in just 15 minutes

A new type of slimming machine!

MAGNEAT can create a magnetic field up to 10cm inside the body by the power of magnetism called "pulsed electromagnetic field."

This directly and intensely contracts the internal muscles, realizing the same mechanism of fat burning by normal exercise inside the body, and mechanically producing a 50 to 100 times (theoretically) greater exercise effect.
In addition, you will feel the amazing slimming effect immediately after the treatment. It's a hot topic! This is a cutting-edge machine that will break the mold of slimming aesthetics.

More Effective that no other competitors can produce

Magnetism reaching the inside of muscles causes super contractions and powerful muscle movements that cannot be achieved by electricity (EMS)!
In just 15 minutes of treatment, you can achieve the same effect as doing 10,000 sit-ups and squats!

It also has the effect of improving your body constitution to change it rebound-free.

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Differences from other electromagnetic field machines


MAGNEAT can do it in 15 minutes for one body part

Other companies’ machines usually take 30 minutes to treat one body part, but MAGNEAT can do it in 15 minutes.

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MAGNEAT can do it in more than triple the training effect!

magneat contraction time.png

MAGNEAT is programmed to produce the same or better results in 15 minutes for each part, so you can get the best results in the shortest amount of time.


What is important is the muscle contraction time, not the power output!

Although there are many machines that appeal to have high power output, a few seconds of high power only moves the surface muscles momentarily and does not mean that the internal muscles have been fully trained. Therefore, it is not possible to increase metabolism or change the body constitution.


To train the internal muscles, it is important to perform long, deep and firm muscle contractions. MAGNEAT is able to do this and can therefore effectively train the internal muscles.

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Helps break down stubborn body fat

Reveals a shapely contour

Each session is relatively quick and easily tolerated

More effective

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Muscle toning

Does not damage normal skin

Promotes cellular turnover


No downtime


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EMS is a device that stimulates muscle contraction and relaxation through electrical stimulation. Although often used in aesthetic salons, EMS works only on the surface layer of the muscle, so the energy does not reach deep into the muscle as MAGNEAT does.

In addition, it is said that EMS tends to cause tingling or pain as it stimulates the surface of the skin but MAGNEAT does not cause such stimulation on the surface of the skin, so customers are free from feeling such a tingling pain.

magneat ems difference.png
  • Muscle stimulation by electricity

  • Stimulation of excretion

  • Surface layer muscle stimulation

  • Relieves muscle tension

  • Deep layer approach down to 10 cm

  • Uniform stimulation of the entire muscle

  • 10,000 muscle movements in 15 minutes

  • Intestinal regulation

  • Regulates the autonomic nervous system

  • Eliminates distortion





Full Body

Magneat Muscle Toning and Body Sculpting Procedure


60 minutes

Step 1

Magneat machines for 1 spot (15min) 

Step 2

Hot tummy mask (15min) 

Step 3

Full body wrap (10min) 

Step 4

Heat blanket (20min )

This treatment is suitable for women only.

MAGNEAT Body Slimming & Sculpting and Muscle Toning
$68 (before GST) for 1 Body Part

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