Infusion PDRN Soluble Needle Treatment


Infusion PDRN Soluble Needle treatment has effects like instant brightening, intense moisturizing, and perfect smoothness. Soluble Microneedle delivers beneficial and active ingredients deep into the skin layers - such as EGF, Hyaluronic acid, and protein/ peptides.

Instant Brightening

Intense Moisturizing

Perfect Smoothness

World's Ever First Soluble Microneedle with Guaranteed Results

Our skin not only keeps various substances including water inside the body but also prevents harmful substances from infiltrating into the body. Because of this property, it is not easy to deliver drugs into the skin, and many studies have been carried out to increase the efficiency of delivering the drug into the skin. Our soluble Microneedles particles help surpass the skin barrier and are effective in increasing the skin permeability of unstable substances, such as growth factors and peptides.

Microneedles dissolve into the moisture in your skin. These are microphotographs of before and after PDRN application, showing the Hyaluronic acid ad EGF microneedles melt deep into the skin's outermost layer. The needle-shape with active ingredients dissolves away into the skin after application.

| This treatment is suitable for both men & women |

How It Works

Apply the product containing soluble Microneedle Particles on the skin and scrub it gently.

Add skin moisturizer of your choice. Effective ingredients in the particles start to dissolve and penetrate into the epidermis.

The effective ingredients are absorbed into the skin and fat-soluble ingredients contained in the cosmetic product dispense and coat the skin.

Professional Use Treatment

Guaranteed Results

Infusion PDRN Soluble Needle Treatment

World's Ever First Soluble Microneedle with Guaranteed Results