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Endermolift Bust + 3D Bust Care Treatment

Damage to the lymphatic system can cause fluid and waste to build up. This buildup can lead to swelling, called lymphedema. Breast massage may help stimulate the lymph vessels and reduce the risk of lymphedema in the arms and chest. Acupressure massage and the use of machines are used to stimulate breast tissue growth by increasing blood circulation in the breast and chest area. It also helps to firm up saggy and lose breasts and compress lumps caused by Qi stagnation.


The Perfection Bust Pro Care Treatment is specially formulated with advanced scientific technology using best natural plant extracts to give optimal effects for bust enhancement. It has selected the best actives from precious pure essential oils, botanical extracts, and Phyto Dermal Stem Cells to promote and strengthen each of the three major tissues in the bust contributing to the great shape of perfect breasts.

This treatment is suitable for women only.

Endermolift Bust + 3D Bust Care Treatment: Gives optimal effects for bust enhancement.

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