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Cellovski Biogomm'age Needle-Free Treatment

Bringing You World’s First and Only Capsuled Skin Treatment, Patented Cellovski Biogomm’age capsule with Needle-Free Magnetic Infusion Technology (MIT) device.

Magnetic Infusion Technology (MIT) is the only device in the world that combines patented Advanced Technology with Infusion of capsuled active ingredients. This FDA-approved Magnetic Infusion Technology (MIT) device with patented capsules offers effective penetration without using needles. It is a 100% safe and pleasant anti-aging treatment for all skin types.

Cellovski Biogomm’age capsule patented ingredient gives a bright and glowing skin with no makeup. One step forward in cosmetic exfoliation. Featuring Safe-scrub™ technology, Biogomm'age™ Peel is able to self-disintegrate, thereby preventing any skin irritation and avoiding the typical skin redness that occurs after an exfoliation. 84% of testers reported skin redness with the usual exfoliating particles, but not with Biogomm'age™ Peel. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and problems.

This treatment is suitable for both men & women

Cellovski Needle-free Magnetic Infusion Biogomm'age Treatment - Bringing You World's Frist and Only Capsuled Skin Treatment!

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