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Synchronised RF heats the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production, while HIFES selectively contracts facial muscles.

Endermolift Anti-Aging Treatment

Painlessly, Effortlessly and Instantly Endermolift is an exclusive anti-aging technique.

Endermolift Replumping Up Treatment

Beaute Hub presents to you ONE and ONLY LPG ALLIANCE in Singapore, LPG Alliance  Latest Technology Treatment for the face. 

Freeze Like Age Management Face Treatment

The premature aging process can be breezed or more appropriately described as delayed thanks to the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of this treatment provided.

Gravity Defying Treatment

Gravity Defying Professional Face Treatment is a total care product that targets simultaneously several signs of aging.

Korean Face Contour Treatment

This treatment uses a machine from Korea that comes with has RF and suction, helps for face lifting and detox. 

Korean Thermal Bipolar Face Treatment

Thermal Bipolar is the facial lifting system using high frequency.

Korean Multi-Polar Face Treatment

This technology lifts flabby skin and skin rejuvenation, eliminates wrinkles, tightens skin and face lifting, and is systemic antiaging.

NMN Face Treatment

Derived from niacin (Vitamin B3), NMN helps to boost NAD+ in your cells, and works wonders in reviving aging skin.

Patented CORE Technology Treatment

Core Technology Treatment takes years off your features by tightening skin, painlessly and quickly.

Thermal Face Treatment

Thermal Face Treatment with RF(Radiofrequency) stands for ‘High Frequency'.

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